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BLINKs Defend BLACKPINK’s Jisoo After Receiving Criticism For The Role She Was Casted For In “Omniscient Readers”

It’s all about the age of Jisoo’s character!

BLINKs have defended BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo from criticism after her role in a new project was revealed.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo | @sooyaaa__/Instagram

Along with being an amazing idol, Jisoo showcased her acting skills when she made her debut in JTBC‘s Snowdrop, leading to more acting opportunities for the idol (especially after she left YG Entertainment).



In particular, Jisoo is set to star in Omniscient Reader (Also known as Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint).

The poster for the series | IMDb

On January 24, a new photo from the script readthrough was released.

Jisoo during the script reading | JTBC

Along with the photo, more details of Jisoo’s role were revealed as the article shared that the idol would be playing Lee Ji Hye. In the original, the character overcomes numerous crises together with Yoo Joong Hyuk (Lee Min Ho) through her great strength.

Lee Ji Hye | Amino

When the casting was shared, some fans of the original shared their feelings about Jisoo’s role. Along with their annoyance at how Ji Hye is being pushed as a main character, they noted that the original character is meant to be 17 years old, while Jisoo just turned 29 earlier in the month.

Of course, despite the criticisms of the casting, BLINKs were ready (with evidence) to defend the decision to cast Jisoo as Le Ji Hye. Along with saying it was up to the casting team, they shared that having adults play teenagers isn’t new, especially in Korea, adding that Jisoo has ageless visuals that could easily pass as 17.

The Wiki for the original version also shared that because of Ji Hye’s experiences, her appearance looks like someone in their 20s, which is perfect for Jisoo.

Many fans know how good Jisoo is when she’s acting and in Korean shows and films, it isn’t uncommon for older stars to play those younger, especially if they don’t look their age.

You can read more about the casting below.

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