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BTS Jin, One of The Best Singers In The World, Is Taking Up Tennis

BTS Jin is known for his many talents, and it seems like he can add tennis to the list! In a recent Instagram video, the singer showed off his skills on the court and left fans impressed.

On one day of the break, Jin will be seen playing tennis with a pro and working as an intern on another. He is easy to predict as he does many things and finds entertainment in them. However, ARMY has shown a high level of love for the little things their favorite idols post on social media. Even the fans always enjoy seeing them try new things or enjoy their time. Moreover, Seokjin posts pictures of different things, from entertaining videos to his being fashionable.

Recently, he shared a new video with his fans on Instagram. In the clip, we can see him show off his Tennis skills with plenty of energy. A world-famous pro-tennis player who loves the sport of tennis has the entire ensemble in yellow and blue. However, you can see how serious he is about it in his shirt, shorts, racket, and even bag. Check out the latest pictures of Jin here:

Nevertheless, comments from his fans demonstrate Seokjin’s commitment to tennis through the clothes he wears and because he is constantly playing tennis.

A commenter responded to the posted image, “You see him?? All the matching colors. Well, it looks like our boy is pretty serious about tennis. Next thing you know, he goes and competes in a tournament! I won’t be surprised if that happens.”

Yet, Jin is well on his way to fulfilling his solo aspirations. He is currently working on his music while he prepares with BTS for their October concert.



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