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“Cannes Film Festival” Security Accused Of Racist Treatment Toward Girls’ Generation’s YoonA

The same incident happened with other women of color at the event.

Recently, Girls’ Generation member YoonA attended the 77th Cannes Film Festival in Paris, making heads turn with her flawless beauty.

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Now that a few days have passed since her appearance, many netizens are revisiting her moment on the red carpet, but with a bitter realization that she was treated disrespectfully by the security personnel at the event.

The realization was triggered by something similar that happened to Dominican actress Massiel Taveras, who appeared at the festival on May 26. While Taveras was trying to unfurl her dress’s long trail, which contained a gigantic portrait of Jesus Christ, while standing on the stairs on the red carpet, a female security staff was caught on camera disrupting her constantly. Despite Taveras’s intense pushback, she kept putting her arm up near the actress’s body, preventing her from striking a pose or getting her picture taken uninterrupted.

This video soon went viral, as people realized that this security personnel was the same one who got told off by singer Kelly Rowland on the red carpet a few days ago for treating her the same way.

Soon after, it was discovered that the security personnel did the same with YoonA during her first day at Cannes this year. Though the singer didn’t react as strongly as the other two, she was visibly uncomfortable by her behavior.

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Fans felt that this security staff’s actions were clearly racially motivated, as she stopped all the women of color from posing on the stairs, while white celebrities were able to get their pictures taken at the same spot without any issues.

Netizens all over the world have banded together in calling out this behavior by this particular security staff, and are demanding her dismissal.

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