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CARATs Can’t Stop Crying After SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Took The Time To Thank Each Member

K-Pop idol group SEVENTEEN recently stood on the podium at the 13th UNESCO Youth Forum at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France.  They were assigned a special session and gave speeches and performances for about an hour.

SEVENTEEN at the UNESCO Headquarters. | PLEDIS Entertainment

During their speeches, they revealed why they had no choice but to overcome despite numerous criticisms and difficulties.

Woozi, a member and producer of the group, stated, “To be fair, they had a point. So everything came down to this one question: Would we overcome these challenges together or not? We weren’t discouraged. We were too young to be discouraged. The passion of our dreams wasn’t deterred in the slightest.”

SEVENTEEN at the UNESCO Headquarters. | PLEDIS Entertainment

He believed that each of the members had their own strengths, and were able to come together as one. He then took the time to thank each of the members of the team.

I’d like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to the members.

S.COUPS, you are always the first to discover our strengths and foster them. Jeonghan, you’re always there for us with heartwarming words of encouragement and support. Joshua, you always make us smile and laugh. Jun, you make everyone arund you happy. Hoshi, you’re so energetic and passionate on stage, it’s almost scary. Wonwoo, you are the most thoughtful, always checking in on all of us.

The8, you’re so thorough and your work ethic is inspiring. Mingyu, you always bring nothing but positive energy with you and never complain. DK, you’re always smiling and you’re the very definition of kindness. Seungkwan, you are always working to keep our team morale up. Vernon, your sharp mind and your principles are admirable. Dino, you have been training yourself with the utmost and unwavering passion since our trainee days. Thank you. I love you all.


In regard to the forum turnout, a UNESCO official stated, “This is the first time the main hall of the headquarters has been full. The audience’s reaction to SEVENTEEN’s speech and stage was unbelievable.”

SEVENTEEN | @pledis_17/Twitter

Fans also couldn’t be more proud of them!

SEVENTEEN signed a business agreement with the Korean National Commission for UNESCO in August last year and has been carrying out the education campaign #GoingTogether. This year, it was expanded into a global campaign by signing a tripartite business agreement with UNESCO Headquarters and the Korean National Commission for UNESCO.

Meanwhile, the UNESCO Youth Forum is an event held during the UNESCO General Assembly and is a program designed to enable the young generation to raise their voices. It is an opportunity to strengthen solidarity by sharing opinions and experiences and seeking solutions to the problems faced by the young generation. SEVENTEEN is the first time that a Korean singer has exclusively conducted a special session at this event.

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