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Chaos Ensues When NCT 127’s Mark And Johnny Choose Who They Would Want In The Passenger Seat Of Their Porsche

The simple question quickly spiraled 😂

NCT 127‘s Mark and Johnny recently joined K-Pop columnist Jeff Benjamin for a fun Twitter Space event.

NCT 127 during “2 Baddies” promotions | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

The live Q&A gave fans a unique chance to ask the idols questions in real-time as the NCT 127 members promoted their new single, “2 Baddies.”

Their new song and album of the same name were released a year after the group’s last album, “Sticker,” and fans couldn’t wait to hear the group’s signature genre-bending sound.

Fans have been enjoying Johnny and Mark’s hilariously chaotic friendship, as they’ve promoted the group’s new album together. As NCTzens know, fans can rely on Mark’s charming and personable personality to come through in every interview, which can lead to some unpredictable and chaotic moments with his fellow members.

NCT 127’s Johnny (left) and Mark (right) | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

During their Twitter Space interview, Johnny and Mark were asked by a fan if they could choose any person to cruise around in a Porsche with, who would they choose. The fan clarified it could be anyone, not just limited to their fellow NCT 127 members.

Jeff further clarified that in their hypothetical Porsche, they could only fit one other person when Mark seemed confused.

NCT 127’s Mark | @onyourm__ark/Instagram

“Well, if I had a Porsche, I would- uh- just like anyone in the world?” As Mark clarified the question further, Jeff added, “I know you can’t choose all eight members so we’re making you choose one.

This added more confusion for Mark, who asked, “Oh, out of our members?” Johnny hilariously lost his patience and cut in, “Okay, just choose a member!

NCT 127’s Johnny | @johnnyjsuh/Instagram

When Jeff again reminded Mark it could be anyone in the world, not just a member; Mark continued to take his time preparing the perfect answer. While they waited, Jeff asked Johnny who he would pick.

Because of Mark’s delay, Johnny jokingly replied, “I was going to say Mark, but after seeing how long it took to answer the question, I’m going to change it.” Mark could be heard replying “wow” in the background as Johnny sweetly revealed he would bring his mom.

Johnny and his mom | @johnnyjsuh/Instagram 

After a minute delay, Mark finally had his pick as he said, “I’m going to go with Johnny.” Still feeling the betrayal from the amount of time it took for Mark to decide, Johnny hilariously declared it was too late.

It was hard to ignore Mark’s lovable personality as he explained he would bring Johnny since they hadn’t been on long trips or vacations together where it was just the two of them. Johnny reminded him it was because Mark didn’t want to have him in his hypothetical Porsche, to which Mark told him to wait until he had a real Porsche.

The funny and chaotic moment was captured in a TikTok video, which had fans hilariously sharing in Johnny’s frustration while showing love to Mark.

Fan comments | @johnnyhyunjins.americano/TikTok

Check out the article below for more of Mark and Johnny’s playful antics!

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