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Check Them Out: TXT’s Love For Japanese Music Shines In Personal Playlist Recommendations

#2 is your next favorite chill song.

TXT is the latest group to share their personal playlists via a Weverse Magazine interview. They began by listing down their comeback songs, “Chasing That Feeling”…

…and “Back For More” as the top songs that they recommend to fans.

They also mentioned a few more tracks that own their hearts at the moment, with two of three being Japanese. Check them out below!

1. HANRORO – “Let Me Love My Youth”

First up, Soobin loves Korean singer HANRORO‘s song “Let Me Love My Youth.” It is a relaxing song that was released in 2022.

This is the song I first found out about her through. It’s a beautiful, warm-hearted song. I hope MOA can stand strong, just like it says in this song.

— Soobin

The TXT leader was overjoyed when she jumped in to write a song in their new album, The Name Chapter: FREEFALL, called “Skipping Stones.”

HANRORO wrote my favorite song off our new album, “Skipping Stones.”

— Soobin

2. Akina Nakamori – ​“OH NO, OH YES!”

Yeonjun, meanwhile, is interested in Japanese songs at the moment. Akina Nakamori‘s “OH NO, OH YES!” It is a classic that was released in 1986, 13 years older than Yeonjun himself!

I’ve been really into Japanese city pop lately, so this has been my go-to song. It makes me feel chill and slip into my memories anytime I listen to it.

— Yeonjun

3. Yorushika – “Left-Right Confusion”

Finally, just like Yeonjun, Beomgyu also recommended a Japanese song to MOAs. He currently loves Yorushika’s “Left-Right Confusion” the most as it is a song from the 2022 movie, Even If This Love Disappears from the World Tonight, that he recently watched

This was on the soundtrack to a movie I saw recently. I’m recommending this because the vocals and whole sound are fantastic!

— Beomgyu




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