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“Comeback Is In 5 Days”  — Red Velvet Fans Call Out SM Entertainment For Lack Of “Birthday” Promotions

Fans are demanding better treatment.

Red Velvet are currently preparing for their comeback, The ReVe Festival 2022 – Birthday. Fans have been in awe at the stunning teaser images, even noticing something unusual about Irene‘s solo teaser images, which they believe might play into the group’s story lore.

Red Velvet | @RVsmtown/Twitter

The title track, “Birthday,” will also sample George Gershwin‘s “Rhapsody in Blue,” which only makes fans more excited since Red Velvet have proven themselves masters of sampling classical music for their hit songs.

| @RVsmtown/Twitter

But despite all of the excitement surrounding the upcoming comeback, fans are voicing their frustration with SM Entertainment‘s handling of “Birthday” promotions.

When SM Entertainment placed two versions of the upcoming album for pre-order, a limited edition “Cake” version and a regular “Photo Book” version, “Cake” sold out in less than an hour, with roughly 5,000 copies sold.

“Cake” version

“Photo Book” version

Fans were frustrated that the limited edition album wasn’t restocked since how quickly the limited edition album sold out was proof of the high demand.

Fans have also been frustrated with the type of promotions SM Entertainment has been sharing for the upcoming comeback. Although the mood sampler and teaser images are stunning, fans believe SM Entertainment lets too much time pass before sharing new promotional material.

But fans are currently most upset about how, despite “Birthday” being released on November 28, fans still don’t have the necessary details about the album. Although many fans have already pre-ordered, others wait to see what inclusions will come with the albums and what the different album versions will look like. Thus fans think it’s unfair for SM Entertainment to have not yet released the album details.

Fans are frustrated by the promotions, or rather, lack thereof, especially since the comeback is in less than a week.

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