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“Did You Wear Underpants?” TXT’s Yeonjun And GOT7’s BamBam Reveal What They Wear Underneath Skirts

Both TXT‘s Yeonjun and GOT7‘s BamBam are known for their high fashion. They also both break gender norms by rocking clothing and accessories that are traditionally worn by women, such as skirts and purses.

So, naturally, the topic of fashion came up when Yeonjun guested on BamBam’s YouTube interview series Bam’s House. BamBam commended Yeonjun for his style and asked him if he liked to dress up. Yeonjun explained that he is interested in fashion and doesn’t limit himself to any style.

BamBam: You are famous for dressing up well.

Yeonjun: Really?

BamBam: You like dressing up?

Yeonjun: I like it. I have high interest in it.

BamBam: What’s your standard for dressing up?

Yeonjun: I’m open and try a variety of things. I don’t really put a limitation.

Meeting a kindred spirit, BamBam asked Yeonjun for recommendations on where to shop. Neither have preferences; they like something as long as it’s pretty.

BamBam: Honestly, where do you shop? I have nowhere to shop nowadays.

Yeonjun: Really? I usually shop online. You need certain brand or…?

BamBam: I don’t have any preference. I’m good with any. As long as it’s pretty.

Yeonjun: That’s my mentality too. I buy often in non-brand store or select shop.

BamBam: In select shop. Okay.

BamBam told Yeonjun that he, too, likes skirts. Yet, he struggles to wear them. Yeonjun attempted to reassure him, saying he would pull it off.

BamBam: And the skirt…

Yeonjun: Yes, I like skirt too..

BamBam: But skirt… It’s one of the items I really like too. It’s hard to digest that fashion.

Yeonjun: I think you’ll digest it well.

BamBam explained that his concern was actually underneath the skirt. He doesn’t like to feel the air coming in from under it. So, he asked Yeonjun if he wore underpants with his skirts. Yeonjun said that he usually wears pants.

BamBam: No, no, no. Inside… When there’s only underwear, I don’t like the wind coming in. I really hate that feeling. Did you wear underpants?

Yeonjun: I wear pants inside.

Yet, Yeonjun shockingly revealed that sometimes he doesn’t wear underwear under the skirt because he likes to be cool. While BamBam didn’t necessarily share the same preference in this case, he respected Yeonjun’s choices.

BamBam: Wear underpants separately too?

Yeonjun: I don’t think I did.

BamBam: That’s nice.

Yeonjun: It needs to be cool during summer.

Traditionally, Scottish soldiers didn’t wear underwear underneath kilts, so it shouldn’t be all that surprising! This is the origin of the expression “going commando, after all.

Watch the full episode below.



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