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Everything Wrong With The “NCT Nation” Movie, According To Fans

NCT is a group made up of multiple fixed subunits, including NCT 127, NCT DREAM, and WayV. A unique feature of the group is that through the NCT U unit, any configuration of members can appear on a track.

NCT U “Baggy Jeans” unit | SM Entertainment
NCT U “Universe (Let’s Play Ball)” unit | SM Entertainment

Earlier this year, fans were thrilled to discover that all of NCT’s active units would appear together in a concert for the first time. The limited concert series NCT NATION: TO THE WORLD took place in Japan and Korea in September and October, respectively.

| SM Entertainment

As a bonus, shortly after it was announced that NCT would be going to the big screen, giving fans worldwide a chance to see the performances.

However, following some screenings of NCT NATION: To The World In Cinemas, fans have heavily criticized SM Entertainment for multiple problems with the film.

| SM Entertainment

To start, fans did not like that the movie would only be shown two times, December 6 in the evening and December 10 in the afternoon. This complaint was only mild as many understood that a limited engagement was not unusual for a film with a specific audience but felt they could have been timed better.

The NCT Nation concert lasted around four hours, and with the movie’s play time being only 1 hour and 43 minutes, most were aware that songs would be cut for the sake of time.

| Fandango

Due to time differences, some countries saw the film ahead of others and reported on what they saw, expressing disappointment with what songs were included in the film.

NCT Nation allowed fans to get live performances of the non-title track NCT U songs. However, ten out of the 19 tracks in the movie are from fixed units or soloists, “PADO” being the only non-promoted B-side included.

Of the fixed unit songs, NCT 127’s most recent track at the time of the concert, “Ay-Yo,” is not included. The included NCT U tracks in the movies also created a screen time issue.

For example, Jaemin appears in 4 tracks, not including the whole group numbers, while Taeyong appears in 7, sans the group numbers. While no one wishes for members to get less screen time, fans felt SM Entertainment could have made a more significant effort to make sure all were more equally represented.

Another issue that fans have reported is that there were no real behind-the-scenes clips or special interviews. In comparison, the NCT DREAM movie that aired earlier this year featured interviews with the members that went beyond the concert preparation.

Finally, fans were surprised that Taeil, currently on hiatus following his leg injury, was not included in the film’s credits or clips, though his voice is heard on backtracks. Hendery‘s name was also misspelled in the credits.

After hearing of all these issues, fans complained online, with some even canceling their tickets.




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