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EXO Visited Xiumin On The Set Of His “Brand New” Music Video Shooting, And They Had A Lot To Tell Him

It says a lot about their bond!

EXO‘s Xiumin just made his solo debut with the title track Brand New, and his members have been nothing but supportive!

Xiumin | @e_xiu_o/Instagram

Sehun, for one, even took up the task of hosting his press conference, much to the excitement and joy of fans.

But that’s not all he did. As revealed in a behind-the-scenes video, the EXO maknae personally surprised Xiumin on the set of the “Brand New” music video. He immediately drove over to the location when he heard that the MV was being filmed that day.

I came here for you. I’ve come a long way. I drove all the way as a surprise. I heard you were shooting your music video for the title [track], so I came right away.

— Sehun

Xiumin then let him listen to the song, and he had nothing but praise to say about it! He found it similar to Baekhyun‘s solo song “Candy.” Moreover, he noticed that the song’s quality was good.

Ah, it’s a little like ‘Candy.’ There’s a ‘Candy’ vibe to it. Yes, it sounds nice. I like it. It’s good. It suits you really well. Leaving everything aside, the quality is good.

— Sehun

Of course, Sehun wasn’t the only member who made sure to visit! Main vocalist Chen came a little later. The two joked around, with Xiumin proposing that Chen release a dance song next time while he release a ballad, switching genres.

  • Xiumin: Chen, you should start dancing again too.
  • Chen: What should I begin with? Where do I start?
  • Xiumin: You should dance. You always sing ballads, so try out a dance song.
  • Chen: I will. I will do it. Should I really try a dance song next year? As my solo? Let me think about it.
  • Xiumin: I’ll do a balled song, you do a dance song.

Xiumin may have just made his solo debut, but he’ll always be a beloved member of EXO. His members’ outpouring of support shows just how loved he is.

EXO isn’t the only group who visited the MV set of one of their members. See how BLACKPINK personally showed up to Lisa’s “LALISA” shoot here:

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