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EXO’s Baekhyun Gets “Upset” At Fans “Ignoring” His Drunk Messages On Dear. U Bubble

We’d never leave him on read.

EXO‘s Baekhyun recently stirred up the internet when he sent a series of drunk texts on Dear U. Bubble. The texts were adorable, and fans were delighted that he came to talk to fans when he was inebriated.

Baekhyun’s texts on Dear. U Bubble. | @eternallyluvbh/Twitter
  • Guuuys I luuuurb you so mawch.
  • Please stway wif me even in the future!!!
  • Luvvv you so mwach.
  • Rweally, really luv you.
  • If I’m wif you gwuys, there’s nothing to be afwaid of.

The texts were ridden with typos, but fans got the gist. The next day, he came to apologize in the morning for the drunk texts.

  • I’m so embarrassed… Sorry for yesterday. What’s up with the typos…
  • No, but why are my eyelids so swollen hehe? Although I really meant what I said yesterday, I’m still kind of embarrassed… You guys…

What was even more hilarious was how many fans simply chose to “leave him on read,” and how Baekhyun got “upset” with them! In the screenshots that many fans uploaded to Twitter, one can see that they did not reply to his messages. Baekhyun personally hunted these fans down to ask them why they did not reply.

Where’s your reply?

— Baekhyun

Why did you leave me on read?

— Baekhyun

Why did you not reply me yesterday?

— Baekhyun

When he finally found the one fan that replied, he made sure to thank them.

Thank you…

— Baekhyun

Could he get any cuter?




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