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EXO’s Baekhyun Talks About What Makes IU’s Singing Unique And It’s Something He Hopes To Try

He recommended one of her songs to fans.

EXO‘s Baekhyun is an incredibly respected vocalist who has always showcased his immense talent.

He’s also well-known friends with IU, another incredibly talented vocalist. The two have actually had their songs go head to head on music charts three times, which has inspired some entertaining reactions from their fans.

So fans were understandably excited to see that Baekhyun recently included IU in a playlist of songs he recommended to fans.

Baekhyun | EXO/YouTube 

Specifically, Baekhyun recommends IU’s “Twenty-Three.”

I like this song too.

— Baekhyun

| EXO/YouTube 

The idol explains that the “band sound” in IU’s song reminds him of the English funk and acid jazz band, Jamiroquai, who he also likes.

I really liked Jamiroquai. And this band sound reminds me of back when I sang the Jamiroquai song.

— Baekhyun

| EXO/YouTube 

Baekhyun also shares that one of the things he admires most about IU’s singing is her ability to convey “the facial expression she makes as she sings.”

IU, when I listen to her songs, I feel like I can see the facial expression she makes as she sings, which is really interesting.

— Baekhyun

| EXO/YouTube 

Although Baekhyun continually astonishes fans with his vocal prowess, the idol shares that IU’s unique way of singing is something he wants to try and emulate one day.

I should sing like that too.

— Baekhyun

| EXO/YouTube 

With Baekhyun wanting to try a new style and hoping for a collaboration with Ariana Grande, fans definitely have a lot to look forward to.

EXO’s Baekhyun Says It Would Be A Dream Come True To Collab With Ariana Grande



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