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EXO’s Chen Opens Up About Feeling Regret And Recalls His Thoughts During His 3-Year Hiatus From K-Pop

He revealed his honest feelings.

After three long years, EXO‘s Chen has finally returned to the K-Pop industry with the release of his 3rd mini album, Last Scene. The main vocalist boasts a powerful and soulful voice that many fans missed. In an online press conference, Chen opened up about his long hiatus from music and the kinds of thoughts that ran through his head during that time.

EXO’s Chen | SM Entertainment

Chen confessed that he often reflected on who he really is and what kind of person he is like. He didn’t shy away from admitting that he experienced ups and downs in life. There were even times when he would regret something that he had done.

I gave a lot of thought about ‘who I am’ and ‘what kind of person I am’ throughout the last three years. There were good times and bad times, and at times I would regret what I did in the past.

— Chen

| SM Entertainment

But I think those times gave me the courage to start a new chapter,” he said with conviction.

| SM Entertainment

Furthermore, the artist used his hiatus as an opportunity to recharge and improve himself. He wanted to mature as both a human being and a musician, and he is happy with the outcome.

| SM Entertainment

Ultimately, Chen has a positive outlook on his career. He sees his latest album, Last Scene, as a new beginning after going through many changes.

The new album is synonymous with a new start for me. I went through a lot of changes, and I’m trying to take those in as something positive. I hope to show who I am and more of my narratives through this album.

— Chen

| SM Entertainment

Speaking of his album, Chen admitted that he hesitated to add the song “Traveler” because of one specific reason. Learn why here:

EXO’s Chen Hesitated To Add The Song “Traveler” To His Latest Album For This One Reason




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