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EXO’s Kai Shocks Fans With Risqué Ripped Pants

He makes everything look good!

EXO‘s Kai shocked fans with his bold fashion choice of risqué ripped pants.

EXO’s Kai

EXO recently released part 2 to Brand New Acorn Market, promoting Xiumin‘s solo debut album Brand New. His fellow members joined him in the special show.

Kai especially got EXO-L’s attention due to his pants. They were not only fashionably baggy but contained several large rips or holes. While ripped jeans are a common style, the sizes and locations were unusual.

Sehun (left) and Kai (right) | EXO/YouTube

In addition to two large rips in the front at the knees, there are two significantly large rips in the back right under the buttocks…

From left: Chen, Suho, Xiumin, Sehun, and Kai | EXO/YouTube

Many of his fans took notice when he danced “cutely” to EXO’s “Love Shot.” They did not expect to see that much of him when he turned around.

EXO-Ls had mixed feelings about Kai’s bold fashion choice, and they had the perfect GIFs on hand to reflect their reactions.

But we could relate most of all to Xiumin’s true reaction…

This actually isn’t the first time Kai has rocked this look.

Last month, he was spotted wearing the style at the airport.

Wonho recently also wore risque cutout pants that had fans talking. Read more below.

Fans Are Living For Wonho’s Cutout Pants That Show Off A Risqué Body Part




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