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EXO’s Xiumin Was The Original Ending Fairy, All The Way Back In 2013

It’s a slightly different definition from the ending fairies we know today.

Four generations of SM Entertainment idols came together for Super Junior Heechul‘s show, Alcohol Street Fighter, and they’ve created their own version of SuperM, SulperM.

Originally the maknaeNCT 127‘s Doyoung became the leader, while the oldest of the group, H.O.T.‘s Kangta, became the cutie maknae. While Heechul was originally the center, EXO‘s Xiumin was chosen as the center after his ending fairy moment.

| 스튜디오 훜 : STUDIO HOOK/YouTube

As the cool and cute ending fairy, Xiumin revealed that he was actually the original ending fairy back when a gif of him during Inkigayo went viral in 2013.

While it wasn’t a solo shot at the end of a performance, the camera had zoomed in on Xiumin amidst a stage crowded with idols. Noticing this, Xiumin cutely shook off the confetti on his head before clapping for whoever was being congratulated on stage. That was enough to have the general public fall in love.

From the short clip, it’s easy to see that everyone was looking up “ending fairy” during that time, with only Xiumin popping up. But for Xiumin, the nickname “Ending Fairy” isn’t because of the ending moment but because Xiumin is nicknamed “Fairy” by fans and the general public.

In fact, he also has the nicknames “Real-Time Fairy,” because he often goes viral in Korea for the smallest of actions, and “Sold Out Fairy,” because many of the products he uses or endorses sell out after he’s seen with them.

To this day, EXO-Ls still fawn over his fairy image, and it seems like he’ll never grow out of the title (just like how his ever-youthful visuals remain the same). He might even be incorporating the fairy concept in his upcoming solo debut with Brand New. As the one in EXO with ice powers, Xiumin’s turning up the heat with his cool appearance, but there might be more than just a snow-in-summer contrast at play. One Korean fan theorizes it might be a concept like Tinkerbell’s Secret of the Wings, and the evidence is convincing.

Whatever the case, Fairy Xiumin isn’t going away, and we’ll hopefully get plenty of ending fairy moments once Brand New comes out on September 26.



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