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Famed Manga Creator Collaborates With YG Entertainment For BLACKPINK Jennie’s Solo Release

There’s going to be merch and more!

BLACKPINK’s Jennie just released her solo performance video for “You & Me.” She has been performing the song as her solo stage for the BORN PINK world tour throughout 2022 and 2023. Finally, fans got a chance to listen to the song through an official release.

Not only did she drop the performance video for fans, but she has more in store. As fans have always been saying that her concept for “You & Me” was reminiscent of Sailor Moon, YG Entertainment decided to collaborate with the creator of the manga and franchise.

This particular part of the choreography…

…reminds fans of Sailor Moon’s trademark flying pose. We don’t even have to talk about her pigtails!

They hired Naoko Takeuchi, the artist for Sailor Moon, to create a hauntingly beautiful cover art for “You & Me.”

To have the Naoko Takeuchi participate in one’s cover art is already a huge honor. This is testament to Jennie’s power as a star! Not only did she draw Jennie’s digital cover, but Takeuchi will also be working with YG Entertainment to release a set of special merchandise.

YG Select teased the collaboration, getting fans excited for the release.

This is absolutely a dream collaboration for fans.

Many are in awe of the scale of this drop.

Sailor Moon is a nostalgic franchise for many in the current generation, making it perfect for Jennie. Jennie is the icon of the fandom generation who grew up in the 00s, relating to and setting many of the trends for that generation herself.

Stay tuned for more news on the drop!




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