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Fans Accuse SM Entertainment Of Using Red Velvet For “Damage Control” Following NCT’s Alleged Sex Scandal

“Our damage control queens.”

The accusations thrown towards NCT‘s Johnny and Haechan yesterday have triggered a heated and massive response from K-Pop fans everywhere.

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The latest theory regarding the duo’s alleged orgy? Fans are wondering if Red Velvet‘s highly anticipated summer comeback is being used as damage control by SM Entertainment.

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Red Velvet’s leader, Irene. | 2AN

The NCT scandal erupted when a Twitter user — known for his connections surrounding Japan’s nightlife — accused Haechan and Johnny of having a 5-way with three girls. Two of them were allegedly NCT fans. The account posted several photos as evidence: a picture of a hotel key card, a table full of drinks and alleged drugs, as well as a picture of what is alleged to be the two stars standing outside of a hotel.

One of the girls even posted a screenshot of a text conversation with Johnny.

| @lv999_V/X (formerly known as Twitter)

While there has been heated debate online on whether the alleged sex scandal is real or not, SM Entertainment has not yet responded to the rumors or given a clarifying statement. Fans are now accusing the company of taking a sly route to take the attention away from the scandal by using Red Velvet’s comeback.

| SBS Inkigayo

The SM girl group has been gearing up to release its new album for several weeks now. Yeri even hinted the comeback would happen in June a few days ago. However, SM did not confirm the time of the comeback until early this morning, the day after NCT’s accusations gained traction.

Fans are now openly accusing the company of using Red Velvet to do “damage control” following the alleged scandal involving the two NCT members.

SM Entertainment’s reluctance to announce the Red Velvet comeback officially — even though the five girls have been filming content for weeks now — had left their fans astounded. Joy even sent a few damning messages on Bubble, wondering why the company had done nothing to let the public know. The lack of news prior to yesterday becomes even more confusing when considering the popularity that usually surrounds Red Velvet’s summer comebacks, with the group being widely recognized as “Summer Queens” by the Korean general public.

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment has still chosen not to respond to the accusations thrown against the two NCT members. You can read more about the accusations below:

NCT’s Haechan And Johnny Accused Of Sleeping With Fans – Allegedly Photographed Outside Hotel

Red Velvet



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