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Fans Are Shook Yet Again At TXT Yeonjun’s Amazing Memory

He doesn’t forget a face!

Recently, TXT’s Yeonjun gained much attention for his ability to remember even the smallest of details of fans! In the fan sign video clip below, the OP is shocked that he remembered even where they sat during a concert.

240403 Jamsil Pop-Up Fan Sign
How far does Yeonjun’s memory go?

In the video, Yeonjun pinpoints all the times he has met the OP, touching the hearts of fans all over the world.

Yeonjun: (OP’s real name) come here!

OP: (shocked)

Yeonjun: (OP’s real name) come here!

OP: Wait, I tried to act like it’s my first time coming here…

Yeonjun: (OP’s real name) come here!

OP: (didn’t think he would call my name like that)

Yeonjun: Why are you acting like it’s your first time here? I’ve seen you so many times at music broadcasts.

OP: Ah really?

Yeonjun: Yeah. I saw you at the front at the fan live too!

OP: (Though he was talking about music broadcast) I wasn’t in the front though…?

Yeonjun: At the fan live!

OP: Ah! You saw me (at the fan live)?

Yeonjun: Yea you were in the front at the fan live. You were near the protruding stage right?

OP: Huh?

Yeonjun: The protruding stage, right?

OP: Ah yea… (shooketh) Ah, wait but this isn’t what I wanted to talk about!

Yeonjun: I know everything too well, don’t I?

OP: Yea…

Yeonjun: I know too well.

OP: I’m so touched…


Fans that watched the video were amazed at his memory and wished Yeonjun woudl remember them too.

Wow, I’m just shocked at this.

I’m scared of this man…


Wow I’m so so so so jealous…will Yeonjun remember me if I go to music broadcasts and fan lives too?

Crazy…this is why you have to go to the protruding stage.

I’m legit jealous of his crazy memory..he’s so smart.

I want to be remembered by this man too…

This isn’t the first time he’s showed off his amazing memory! In past fan sign events, he has touched many MOAs with his ability to remember his fans. At a fan sign event in 2019, he remembered a fan that hurt their leg.

Yeonjun: Ah! You hurt your leg before, right?

OP: (tells him he is correct)

Yeonjun: I have remembered yet another fan!

OP: You’re the best!

Yeonjun: I’m the best, right!

He even remembered a director that they worked together with years ago.


OP: What are we going to do about him…he kept looking at the director and asked if he was the same director that went to the states with them. He has such amazing memory.

Taehyun: Yeonjun hyung can remember someone for about twenty years after meeting them once.
Beomgyu: He even remembers them even if they’ve had plastic surgery.
Taehyun: Even if they dye their hair!

With a memory as detailed as this, it’s no wonder fans fall head over heels for him! His sweet personality and attention to detail is just another addition to the talented and handsome idol that he is!




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