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Fans Criticize SM Entertainment For “Messing Up” NCT 127’s World Tour Plans…Again

Fans are desperate to see NCT 127 again.

Fans are criticizing SM Entertainment for allegedly messing up NCT 127‘s tour for a second time.

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In November, it was announced that NCT 127 would embark on a new world tour titled NEO CITY: THE UNITY. A poster for the tour shared several dates in Asia and an “and more” at the bottom of the notice.

The group have already completed some of the dates, and fans in locations like Europe and the Americas have patiently waited for their concert dates. Recently, a fan, presumably from the United States, asked Johnny about the group’s plans for the country.

Johnny gave a surprising answer, saying that he had been talking with the company and that they “didn’t have an exact answer.”

Fan: Do you guys have plans for coming to the U.S for like, touring?
Johnny: [sighs] That, I don’t know as well. I’ve been talking to the company and they don’t have like a, exact answer yet.

Fans were surprised to learn that Johnny, who will sometimes give “hints” at activities, was unsure of the plans. However, for many, this has continued a disappointing cycle with SM.

In December 2021, NCT 127 began their NEO CITY: The Link tour following the release of Sticker.

Naturally, world tours that visit multiple countries will take up some time in an artist’s schedule due to the logistics of travel and performance. However, NCT 127’s tour lasted until January 2023 and completely excluded Europe.

The dates were also oddly announced and structured — the group announced two concerts in Los Angeles and Newark for October 2022, then returned for three more shows that were announced only a month before they were to take place in January 2023.

The group also released 2Baddies during the tour, and not all audiences saw them perform tracks from the album.

Fans are surprised that SM Entertainment is “ignoring” a big part of NCT 127’s fanbase by not having plans for an American tour yet. Others are angered SM have again “messed up” the group’s touring plans amid concerns over Taeyong and Taeil‘s yet-to-be-announced military enlistment plans.





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