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Fans Defend NCT’s Taeyong After A Video Of Him Smoking Goes Viral

Smoking on the streets of Japan is illegal.

A video of NCT‘s Taeyong recent went viral after he was captured smoking in the video. The video was allegedly taken in September 2023, on the streets of Japan. The original poster alleged that smoking in the streets is illegal.

Taeyong smoking on the streets in Japan, in September 2023. A video of him flicking the ashes off on the streets. It is illegal to smoke in Japan on the streets. But Seunghan got kicked out of the group.

— neow9132

The video was allegedly spread online by a RIIZE akgae to take attention away from Seunghan‘s recent controversy. It quickly went viral, with over 400,000 views.

Many are defending the star over the matter. After all, Taeyong is a grown adult and it is not illegal for him to be smoking. On the other hand, it is illegal in Osaka, where the video was taken, to smoke on the streets in non-designated areas.

Isn’t the only illegal thing here that he’s smoking in the streets in Osaka? He’s a grown man at 29, I don’t see what’s the problem.

— sksllq0191

I actually like it more.

— tyx0ngx1

Taeyong is f*cking sexy. I love it.

— shinemuskitty

I like people who are like delinquents. Sexy.

— nct_221030

The original source of the video, @nct_hi_ive, has already taken down the original video. Despite this, the video continues to be spread by reposters for malicious purposes.




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