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Fans Love The NCT DREAM And TXT “Crumbs” After Both Groups Make The Same Adorable Mistake At The “2022 FACT THE MUSIC AWARDS”

A perfectly understandable, albeit endearing, mistake.

Fans of both NCT DREAM and TXT are well aware of both groups’ amusing antics. Whether NCT DREAM are playfully clowning each other or TXT are accidentally destroying a part of their dorm, fans know to expect entertaining chaos from their idols.

NCT DREAM | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

TXT | @TXT_bighit/Twitter

This is why fans aren’t surprised by the unexpected NCT DREAM and TXT “interaction” at the 2022 THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS (also known as the FMAs). Although the two groups did not directly interact in person, both NCT DREAM’s Jisung and TXT’s Taehyun made the same adorable mistake when going to accept awards.


| @TXTCHART_KR/Twitter

During the FMAs, artists walked through a cinematic hallway to arrive on stage to accept their awards. Groups continually went viral for their way of walking through the hallway, whether for BTS‘s chaotic entrance or Stray Kids I.N‘s adorable enthusiasm.

Jisung and Taehyun also went viral for walking through the hallway because both idols accidentally took an award that wasn’t theirs. In the hallway, an award was sitting on a pedestal, and both NCT DREAM and TXT understandably assumed it was the one they were about to receive.

Despite this assumption, both groups received their awards on stage, leading to some entertainingly awkward moments.

Of course, fans were endeared by the mistake since it obviously wasn’t intentional. Fans found it cute how Jisung was excited by the award. Although they’re also pointing out that Jisung wasn’t going to take it until he was told to.

And fans loved how Taehyun grabbed the award with the utmost confidence.

Jisung and Taehyun certainly proved that they are twins who think alike.

Although they weren’t the only ones to make the mistake, THE BOYZ‘s Sangyeon also accidentally, but endearingly, picked up the wrong award.



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