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Fans Notice The Cutest Connection Between Crush, BTS’s J-Hope, And Red Velvet’s Joy

Hope is the first step for a Crush to turn into Joy.

Crush‘s latest release, “Rush Hour,” featuring BTS‘s J-Hope, has everyone grooving along, and now that he’s back from the military, every hour is Crush hour.

Besides the adorable interactions within the music video, Crush and J-Hope have become close friends and have the sweetest exchanges.

During Crush’s appearance on IU’s Palette, J-Hope showered Crush with gifts and love. His actions prove that J-Hope is the living embodiment of “Your Hope,” and his sunshine-like personality warms the hearts of everyone.

However, the cutest part of their connection appeared when a fan looked through the likes on Crush’s recent Instagram posts and found J-Hope’s account at the top next to Red Velvet Joy‘s.

With all of their stage names being short and sweet words, fans are gushing over the combination. Since the connection between the three lies with Crush, it’s no surprise that the most common sentence being created is “Crush has both Joy and Hope in his life!”

On top of that already adorable connection, J-Hope’s username is a play on the phrase, “You are my hope,” while Joy’s username is the phrase, “I’m your joy.” Their names alone melt our hearts, and it’s easy to see that this connection was destined.

Another play on names went viral last year when Crush and Joy confirmed that they were dating. From the likes alone, it’s easy to see that not just their fans, but any fan of Korean Music, thought that Crush and Joy were a fated pair.

Crush first met Joy when he asked her to be on the track “Mayday,” and from there, their love blossomed.

The couple is still going strong, with Joy’s team that followed her to Milan’s Fashion Week showing their support for Crush and J-Hope’s collaboration.

Perhaps one day, we’ll see the three of them interact, but for now, we’ll settle for the cutest combination of names in the Korean music industry. And besides the adorable sentence of Crush having Hope and Joy in his life, here’s another sweet sentence that can apply to anyone: Hope is the first step for a Crush to turn into Joy.



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