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“Fans Really Don’t Understand” — Korean Netizens Upset Over BLACKPINK Lisa’s Upcoming “Sexy Cabaret Performance”

Here’s what they think.

It was previously announced that BLACKPINK‘s Lisa would be headlining a cabaret in Paris. The venue is known for its nude performances by female dancers and often features guest performers, like burlesque icon Dita Von Teese. She will be performing five shows and teased fans with a gorgeous photo of her silhouette on stage.

Lisa at rehearsals. | | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Fans were blown away by the short snippet.

Korean netizens expressed their concern, criticizing fans for not taking a more active step in stopping her. Although many in the international community view the show as an expression of art and culture, Koreans are expressing more conservative views. As Lisa is still very much branded by K-Pop and BLACKPINK, participating in a cabaret may be crossing boundaries. The Crazy Horse is also known for their strip shows and nudity. Although Lisa will not be participating in such shows, the general image of the venue is worrying to netizens.

| theqoo
  • Why does she only pick low-class things to do?
  • No, but why are the fans shielding her so dumb?
  • It’s not a problem for her to do it… But please remove her “K” in “K-Pop.” “K-Pop’s” image will be bad.
  • Her dans are crazy. They should’ve stopped her when she said she was going to do a strip show, but they’re talking up strip shows. If they are going to insist on their own logic, then they should be okay with male idols putting on host shows and girl groups doing cabaret shows. They should also perform at the adult clubs in our country. Because they’re all performances with history and culture. They’re just spewing nonsense.
  • No, but what are the kids who are acting up when we say that they should remove the “K-Pop” in her name? It’s such a given. Why are people mad?
  • If Lisa says that she will do the strip show as T-Pop and not K-Pop, no one would say anything. But they’re saying that her, who is still within the K-Pop boundary, will perform her group’s hit songs at a cabaret that specializes in strip shows. Do you think people would keep quiet? And what’s more is that her fans are saying this is art, and that it’s women rights, and feminism, nonsense like that. If this is the response, then BLACKPINK really limits Lisa.

It seems that netizens and fans are firmly divided on this issue. While netizens feel that Lisa still has to answer to the boundaries of K-Pop, international fans want her to spread her wings and find freedom.




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