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Fans Spot A Vape In WayV Xiaojun And YangYang’s Photo

They are far from the first NCT members to be caught.

K-pop idols’ smoking has always been something that has received mixed reactions. Usually, this is due to the idols being caught smoking inside buildings, which is prohibited in Korea.

Korean Netizens Flame EXO’s D.O. After Idol Is Allegedly Caught Smoking Indoors

Some fans do not like the idea of their favorite idols smoking, but one fandom, in particular, often has very different reactions.

NCTzens, NCT‘s fanbase name, have often turned the discovery of members smoking into a joke, likely due to how often it has occurred.

unnamed (1)
NCT’s Taeyong | NHK

In the past few years, Taeyong, Johnny, and Haechan have all been “caught” either holding vapes or smoking.

NCT’s Johnny

Now, fans have added another instance to their long list of jokes about NCT.

WayV have recently picked up their activities both solo and individual, including festival appearances.

WayV | SM Entertainment

As fans often worry for their idols having busy schedules, Xiaojun took it upon himself to assuage these concerns, sharing a photo of he and YangYang enjoying a meal.

Xiaojun (left) and Yangyang (right) | Dear U. Bubble

While the two idols look cute in front of their meal, fans couldn’t help but notice something else in the photo. Near the edge of the photo in a chair, a small purple item can be seen.


Looking closer, it is likely this item is a vape device.


A similar looking vape | EB Design

As usual, fans have found the situation to be comedic, making playful jokes about the image.




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