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Filipina Actress Heart Evangelista Gains Attention For Her Reaction To Seeing SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu At The DIOR Show

On February 27, SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu shone as he attended the DIOR fashion show in Paris.

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu at the DIOR show | @DIOR/Twitter

As expected, Mingyu shined at the DIOR show, grabbing the attention of fans and the media from the moment he stepped out of the car.

While CARATs couldn’t hide their excitement seeing the idol, it seems like one A-List celebrity had the same feelings, and it was Filipina actress Heart Evangelista.

The actress also attended the DIOR show, looking absolutely beautiful in a floor-length black gown.

Filipina Actress Heart Evangelista | @DIOR/Twitter

Ahead of the show, Heart Evangelista did an Instagram live talking about attending the DIOR show, and she mentioned that Mingyu was also attending.

I know someone is also going to be there, and it’s Mingyu who is going to be in DIOR.

— Heart Evangelista

When asked to take a picture of Mingyu, she explained that she meets a lot of beautiful people, but she is super shy to take a photo.

During the event, Heart Evangelista did, in fact, get to see Mingyu, but her shyness did stop her from interacting with the idol. While Mingyu was chatting to someone, Heart Evangelista took a video of Mingyu with the caption, “I’m not the type but…” and the backing song was Lana Del Rey‘s “Margeret.”

| @iamhearte/Instagram

When the video was posted, netizens couldn’t get over how relatable the actress was and also the indirect crumbs between the two top stars.

As always, Mingyu’s visuals never fail to shock even A-List celebrities, and Heart Evangelista definitely had the perfect way to describe the idol.

Source: @iamhearte/Instagram




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