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Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon Spills How Hate Comments About Her “Thick Thighs” Affected Her

She now realizes the importance of strong thighs.

Girls’ Generation member Hyoyeon recently revealed how malicious comments about her body made her self-conscious during her debut days.

Hyoyeon | @hyoyeon_x_x/Instagram

On September 10, Hyoyeon of Girls’ Generation appeared on dancer and choreographer Gabee‘s YouTube talk show Gabee’s Rising Star and shared stories about her debut days.

Gabee (left) and Hyoyeon (right) | Diva Gabee Girl/YouTube

As the main dancer of Girls’ Generation who was a hip-hop dancer before joining the girl group, Hyoyeon revealed that she did not like some of Girls’ Generation’s songs. She claimed that songs like “Gee,” “Genie,” and their debut song, “Into the New World,” were some of the top songs she didn’t like because it seemed too childish and was not her style.

However, she added that the songs she didn’t like always did extra well.

| Diva Gabee Girl/YouTube

Hyoyeon pointed out that because she was dancing popping and locking styles back then, her thighs had a lot of muscle. She believed that dancing in a short skirt for “Into the New World” and singing sweet lyrics while having muscular thighs was not a good look at the time.

I didn’t like how I looked, but people who were watching were also uncomfortable.

— Hyoyeon

Hyoyeon performing “Into the New World” in the past (left) and Hyoyeon (right) | Diva Gabee Girl/YouTube

She then confessed that she did not walk around after the release of the debut song because of people’s comments that her thighs were not attractive. She wanted to lose her muscle and even thought of giving up dancing because of it.

I legitimately did not walk around after ‘Into the New World.’ [I thought that] I became like this because of dance. I had cool muscles that were made from dancing, but because people said it was ugly, I thought it was ugly and said, ‘Then I won’t dance.’ I was focused on the wrong thing.

— Hyoyeon

Hyoyeon performs the dance break in her debut performance of “Into the New World.” | MBC 

Gabee reacted, saying it was understandable that Hyoyeon reacted that way because she was very young at that time. She was around 17 years old at the time she debuted.

| SM Entertainment

Hyoyeon then shared that she forgot about her thigh insecurity for a while, then noticed one day that her muscles were gone—but this was not a good thing.

I had forgotten for a while then [one day] I saw myself and [the muscles] were gone. But you know that’s not really a good thing, right? ‘I used to be able to use so much energy, but why can’t I anymore?’ It was because of [my muscles.]

— Hyoyeon

She then claimed that when she dances now, it’s ridiculously hard.

When I dance now, it’s frickin’ hard.

— Hyoyeon

When Gabee asked Hyoyeon if she would keep her muscles if she could go back in time, Hyoyeon jokingly answered both yes and no.

I think I would want to keep my muscles… Wait, no. Can I just keep half?

— Hyoyeon

| @hyoyeon_x_x/Instagram

With or without big thigh muscles, Hyoyeon continues to dance powerfully as a veteran K-Pop idol in her 16th year as a singer. She released her new song called “Picture” last month and showcased her unabated dance and performing skills.

Source: Diva Gabee Girl/YouTube

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