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Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Shows Off Intense Workout And Skin Care Routine

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Shows Off Intense Workout Routine

Girls’ Generation member Sooyoung recently shared photos of her rigorous gym schedule on social media, inspiring admiration from her followers. However, the singer and actress shared several videos on her Instagram that gave followers a look at her fitness workout routine. Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung is striking us in awe with one of K-most Pop’s iconic pictures, showcasing her extreme gym regimen and amazingly toned figure. Recent episodes of The Manager on MBC, formerly called Omniscient Interfering Interview, featured Sooyoung as a guest star, offering SONEs an inside glimpse at her daily life. She displayed her wonderfully furnished flat.

Sooyoung’s Workout Routine

Girls’ Generation participant Sooyoung recently demonstrated her rigorous fitness regimen, which will make you perspire. Sooyoung first displayed her solid back muscles. She worked hard on several pull-ups with the help of the trainers, Han Hyo Joo and Jin Seo Yeon, who were also there.

The K-Pop diva posted many videos of herself exercising with a personal trainer on her Instagram page. Moreover, Sooyoung can perform various film activities, including lunges, squats, and weightlifting.

It’s no surprise that Sooyoung maintains such a lean figure with such a demanding schedule! Sooyoung takes her exercise regimen seriously and isn’t afraid to work hard to meet her fitness objectives. We might all benefit from her drive to maintain our health and fitness, and we can take a cue or two from her!

Sooyoung’s Diet

Everyone is aware that dedication is necessary to get a fantastic physique. That entails Sooyoung of Girls’ Generation maintaining a strict diet and fitness exercise schedule.

Recently, Sooyoung revealed to her admirers her strict diet and exercise schedule. She starts her day out with oatmeal or sweet potato porridge for breakfast. However, she has chicken breast, sweet potato, broccoli, and salad for lunch and dinner. Additionally, she consumes protein bars as snacks and much water during the day.

Sooyoung works out using a combination of aerobic and weight training. To maintain flexibility, she also takes care to stretch and do yoga.

It’s no surprise that she has a fantastic physique! Moreover, make sure to speak with a physician or nutritionist before attempting Sooyoung’s diet and exercise fitness routine.

Sooyoung’s Skincare Routine

Sooyoung is undoubtedly no slacker whenever it comes to caring for her skin. The Girls’ Generation singer recently shared her rigorous skincare regimen on her blog, and we must admit, we’re impressed!

Sooyoung first uses an oil-based cleanser to clean her skin before switching to a water-based one. However, She follows that by using an essence and toner before putting on a sheet mask. Whenever, She applies an eye cream, face cream, and lip balm after the sheet mask.

That’s all she does during the day, too! After applying toner, serum, and ampoule at night, she twice washes her face, including an oil-based and water-based cleanser. She ends by using an eye and night cream.

Wow, talk about commitment! We should surely learn from Sooyoung how to improve our skincare routine.

Sooyoung’s Fashion Tips

Was she looking for some style advice from one of Girls’ Generation’s most stylish members? Then you should visit Sooyoung’s blog! Sooyoung frequently uploads images and videos of her fitness and regular training sessions and photos of her preferred attire on her blog. Moreover, by posting pictures of herself having fun with friends or having time with her family, she also provides her admirers a glimpse into her daily life.

Whether Sooyoung is wearing a stylish gown or an adorable, casual ensemble, her sense of style is always on point. Evenly, she also has a great sense of style regarding fitness attire. Be sure to visit Sooyoung’s blog if you’re seeking some style ideas.


Celebrities work hard to preserve their bodies, and Sooyoung is no exception. Sooyoung from Girls’ Generation recently showed her rigorous exercise routine, including cardio, weight training, and Pilates. While it’s clear that she puts in much effort to stay in shape, she makes it look fun! She can teach us a thing or two about maintaining our motivation to be active and healthy.


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