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Girls’ Generation’s Viral TikTok Fight Featuring Hair-Pulling Wasn’t Supposed To Happen

To celebrate the release of her single, “Second” featuring BIBI, Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon took over TikTok with the her #SecondChallenge trend. In one video that went viral across social media platforms, Hyoyeon’s fellow Girls’ Generation members were seen physically (and hilariously) fighting each other—but according to Yuri, Sooyoung‘s “attack” on her wasn’t actually scripted!

If you haven’t already seen Hyoyeon’s #SecondChallenge video with Yuri, Sooyoung, and Tiffany, you’re missing out. With over 2 million views and over 340,000 likes on TikTok, the clip is the perfect take on the #SecondChallenge, in which one person dances while everyone else around them lives life as normal. In this version of the challenge, Hyoyeon danced in the background while Sooyoung and Tiffany began fighting.


#SecondChallenge with 멤버들!!! #gg #수영 #유리 #티파니 #hyo 끼야아악!!!!!!!!!!!❤️‍🔥

♬ Second – HYO

Towards the end of the video, Yuri steps in to break up the fight, only to find herself in the middle of the commotion. The TikTok is a hilarious acting masterpiece from start to finish — except it wasn’t entirely scripted. As Yuri revealed in an episode of Yuri’s Winning Recipe, Sooyoung really did “attack” her out of nowhere!

Girls’ Generation’s Yuri | 유리한TV/YouTube

I was attacked!

— Yuri

Revealing the full behind-the-scenes story, Yuri explained that Hyoyeon told her three fellow members that she wanted their help with a new #SecondChallenge video. Hyoyeon also came up with the concept, says Yuri: “The concept was working in the studio and fighting, and Hyoyeon would be dancing through all of it.”

| @dj_hyo/TikTok 

Naturally, the members all obliged their close friend’s request. The day of filming, Yuri says she happened to show up with a space bun hairstyle—which was totally adorable, fans can agree. But Sooyoung had a completely different reaction, according to Yuri: “I’m going to need to grab those buns!

| 유리한TV/YouTube

When Yuri spotted a guitar in the studio, she decided she’d play it in the TikTok, then step in to stop the faux fight scripted between Tiffany and Sooyoung. In the original plan for the clip, Yuri wasn’t meant to get caught up in the action like that, but Sooyoung had a better idea to spice up the video.

| 유리한TV/YouTube

So when Yuri stepped in to play her role, Sooyoung unexpectedly pulled her hair! “I had no idea she was going to grab my hair like that,” Yuri laughed recalling the shoot, “but I’m a professional.” And, like a true professional, Yuri kept a straight face right until the end, even when Tiffany was in shock and Hyoyeon couldn’t stop laughing.

| @dj_hyo/TikTok 

If Sooyoung’s complete comfort in pulling Yuri’s hair out of the blue isn’t a true testament to how close these besties are with each other, we don’t know what is. Yuri went on to joke that their impromptu fight ended up being the star event. “The trends that day were ‘Girls’ Generation,’ ‘Sooyoung,’ and ‘Yuri,’” she revealed, “but not Hyoyeon!

| 유리한TV/YouTube

Ultimately, Yuri shared that when it comes to anything Girls’ Generation related, the members are never indifferent or apathetic. “Even when it’s not called for, we do our best, set the scene, and even get our hair pulled,” she joked. And naturally, Hyoyeon was just as happy with the outcome as SONEs were.

| 유리한TV/YouTube

I think it made Hyoyeon really appreciate us, so I was proud.

— Yuri

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