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Girls’ Generation’s YoonA And 2PM’s Junho Had A Hilarious “One Brain Cell” Moment At “King The Land” Press Conference

“When your single brain cell gets confused” ????

JTBC weekend K-Drama King The Land is set to be released on June 17, just two days from now. In preparation, a press conference was held at the Ramada Sindorim Hotel in Seoul, and naturally, leads 2PM‘s Junho and Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA were in attendance!

2PM’s Junho
Girls’ Generation’s YoonA

The two answered questions from the press and took pictures as they stood beside each other. And it was precisely when they were being photographed that a hilarious accident occurred.

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA (left) and 2PM’s Junho (right)

YoonA and Junho were asked to flash a heart pose with their hands. They were both unsure whether to do the pose on their own or put their hands together, so they ended up hesitating between both! It lightened the mood and made everyone present laugh.

When they finally decided to do the heart pose together, they acted professional and smiled photogenically at the cameras as if they hadn’t made any mistake.

Fans adored the interaction, joking that it was a “single brain cell” moment and praising how cute they are together.

  • When your single brain cell gets confused ????
  • These two are so cutely confused at what to do ????
  • These awkward blunders between them are so cuuute.
  • We are all raving about their chemistry and they do this. I can’t with these two ????
  • That’s a lot in just seven seconds 
  • Lmao they’re always like this.

This press conference is already raising people’s anticipation for the K-Drama!

Excited to see Junho and YoonA’s chemistry? If so, check out the funny yet sweet teaser of King The Land in the article below.

2PM’s Junho And Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Have Crazy Chemistry In Latest “King The Land” Teaser



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