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Here Is The List Of The 10 Best K-Dramas Of 2022, According To Industry Insiders

The past few years have seen the global popularity of K-Dramas increase. Following the success of Squid Game, it seems like Korean shows have found their way into the hearts of viewers worldwide, with the likes of Netflix and other sites making it easier to enjoy the shows.

Along with their picks for the worst K-Drama, JoyNews24 also conducted a survey amongst 200 insiders, and here are their top K-Dramas of 2022.

1. Extraordinary Attorney Woo

One of the, if not the, hottest K-Dramas of the year has to be Extraordinary Attorney Woo. From the very first episode, the show was the talk of the internet, tackling some sensitive topics but balancing them with warm stories.

In particular, it was actress Park Eun Bin‘s amazing acting that made the show even better. Despite views on the portrayal of autism, Park Eun Bin did her research and her approach to the character was refreshing. Along with the rest of the loveable cast, who saw their fame rocket, it truly captured the hearts of viewers.

2. Our Blues

Our Blues immediately caught the attention of fans, even before it started airing. The star-studded cast and beautiful backdrop gained notice, including Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min A, but it was the storyline that truly cemented its place on the list.

Throughout the series, the story is beautifully written and focuses on romances and friendships in a way that is dramatic, humorous, and touching. Although the hype might not have been as much as Extraordinary Attorney Woo, the show had a strong following, gaining praise for each episode.

3. My Liberation Notes

My Liberation Notes was one of the K-Dramas that really made netizens think. Following the lives of siblings, the show received a lot of praise for the relatable stories, characters, and quotes within the episodes.

The siblings struggle to find fulfillment in life, traveling to and from a remote town to Seoul for their corporate jobs nearly every day, giving them little to no free time. The struggles of everyday life are expressed in the script.

4. Twenty Five Twenty One

If there was ever a K-Drama that had people on a roller coaster of emotions, it was definitely Twenty Five Twenty One. Despite concerns about the age gap in the show, the series captured the hearts of fans following the trials and tribulations of young love.

From comedy to love and heartache, leading stars Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Tae Ri portrayed the story perfectly. Along with the rest of the impeccable cast, the series had fans on the edge of their seats waiting to see if there would be a happy ending.

5. Big Mouse

Surprisingly, Big Mouse‘s appearance on the list was mainly shocking as it was also on the outlet’s “Worst K-Dramas” list. Yet, this list might be more suitable as the stunning cast of Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA and Lee Jong Suk lead a true rollercoaster of a K-Drama.

With humor, love, and heartache, it is the perfect show for fans. The final episode of the show even scored an average nationwide rating of 13.7 percent, which made it the most-watched drama in its time slot.

6. Narco-Saints

Narco-Saints is another K-Drama that went against the regular romance or comedy genre. Although NME criticized the show for being predictable, the series gained a lot of praise because of the amazing cast. Throughout, some of the best stars portrayed the story perfectly, and the well-written was seen as easy to get absorbed in, despite its serious nature.

7. Through The Darkness

While most K-Dramas are light and easy to watch, Through The Darkness is another show following a darker side of humanity by focusing on serial killers. The show received rave reviews from both Korean and international viewers, with veteran actor Kim Nam Gil shining in his role and perfectly representing a well-thought-out script.

8. Anna

Although it was a short series, Anna truly won the hearts of fans. Netizens couldn’t stop praising the beautiful cinematography and how the story developed.

With only six episodes, the show kept fans excited without drawing out the story for too long. As expected, Bae Suzy starred in another masterpiece where her acting and visuals truly captured audiences.

9. Semantic Error

Korea is still quite conservative on views pertaining to sexuality, yet the rise of BL (boy love) K-Dramas have been fighting to change that. In particular, Semantic Error gained attention for its cast, featuring DKZ‘s Jaechan and former KNK member Park Seoham.

The two actors gained praise for their portrayal of the characters, exuding sincerity and thoughtfulness throughout. It gained attention not just in Korea but worldwide, and the attachment to the characters was one of the biggest reasons.

10. Juvenile Justice

Out of the shows on the list, Juveline Justice is one of the most serious. The series follows a judge trying to balance her aversion to minor offenders with beliefs on justice and punishment in juvenile court.

Many have compared the series to the much-loved K-Drama Sky Castle, sharing the harsh and brutal reality of life, especially for young people. From the characters, storyline, and production, the show has continuously received praise from viewers.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo



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