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How EXO Sehun’s Accident On Stage Proved Their Mics Are ON

It caught everyone off guard!

EXO is just one of those groups you can’t deny is talented! From singing to dancing, they’ve got it all. One accident on stage is solid proof that they don’t play when they’re on stage.

A little over a decade ago, EXO-K was performing at MBC‘s year-end award show. Their hit song had the audience singing along and fans screaming for them.


At one point, Suho smoothly removed his jacket.

Sehun turned to look at him and couldn’t hold back a huge laugh at what he saw. He then quickly covered his mouth, but it was too late. His laugh was heard loud and clear, proving their mics are on!

Upon hearing him, the other members laughed too. Not stopping the choreography, their serious expressions were replaced with bright grins.

Fans found it absolutely hilarious, especially the way Sehun covered his mouth right away. They said it was proof that the group doesn’t lipsync, and it was one way he proved himself—even if it was an accident.

Screenshot 2024-02-17 at 4.18.28 PM

Meanwhile, watch the full performance below.




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