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HYBE’s Latest Announcement For SEVENTEEN Receives Intense Backlash From Netizens

“… Yet, they have the audacity to…”

HYBE‘s latest announcement for SEVENTEEN has sparked major backlash online.

The members of SEVENTEEN | @pledis_17/Twitter

At the end of April, SEVENTEEN released their new album and the title track “MAESTRO.”

Yet, when the song and album were released, netizens voiced their anger at HYBE, claiming the company was trying to sabotage the group by not having a premiere for the music video and not having the albums in stock in Korea.

It seems like HYBE’s alleged mistreatment of SEVENTEEN during the initial days of their comeback is continuing to have an impact on netizens’ opinions of the company’s actions.

On May 8 (KST), HYBE’s merchandise X account announced and teased the release of new products for SEVENTEEN’s new album.

When the tweet was shared…

It was instantly filled with angry CARATs.

In the comments, netizens couldn’t believe that HYBE didn’t want to invest in the comeback but were willing to keep releasing things that would earn them money, with many fans pointing out that HYBE would benefit more from these releases than the members. Others shared that it would be better to support fan-made merch that is of better quality and wouldn’t succumb to the company.

You can read more about netizens believing HYBE “sabotaged” SEVENTEEN’s comeback below.

Netizens Accuse HYBE Of “Sabotaging” SEVENTEEN’s Comeback




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