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“I Almost Fell In Love” — The Male Idol Who’s Aiming For TXT Yeonjun’s Heart

It’s not an unrequited love ????

Although TXT‘s Yeonjun has many idol friends like Stray KidsChangbin and CRAVITY‘s Serim, it looks like he’s more than ready to add another to his long list.

Yeonjun | @TXT_members/Twitter

When Yeonjun and Soobin participated in the “Fighting” dance challenge for SEVENTEEN‘s BSS unit, one member left a lasting impression on Yeonjun.

Sharing his thoughts on filming with SEVENTEEN, Yeonjun couldn’t help saying, “Hoshi was so sweet to all of us.

Hoshi was so caring during filming that Yeonjun admitted, “I almost fell in love.” That wasn’t the only thing he appreciated about his senior.

Yeonjun said, “He’s someone I respect so much.” His love for Hoshi isn’t an unrequited one, either.

Yeonjun revealed that Hoshi had been the one to approach him and suggested they stay in contact.

He came up to me first and told me that he loves my work. So I told him that he’s so sweet. And he said that he’ll contact me later. Thank you.

— Yeonjun

It looks like Seungkwan and Soobin aren’t the only pair of friends from the two HYBE groups.

Listen to Yeonjun’s fond words about his senior.



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