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Internet-Famous Dating Show Star Apologizes To NCT’s Doyoung

“I deeply apologize for sharing unverified information…”

Oksoon (also known as Go Cho Hee), famous for her participation in the ninth season of I Am Solo, has issued an apology on Instagram for sharing unverified stories about NCT‘s Doyoung.

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The apology came after a live broadcast on March 15, where Oksoon — who now works for an advertising company — talked about behind-the-scenes details of the commercial shoot she hadn’t personally witnessed.

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In the broadcast, Oksoon mentioned that Doyoung ate three to four burgers during the shoot, even when advised otherwise — which contrasted with the common practice among celebrities to pretend to eat or spit out the food. These comments quickly spread online, sparking conversations about Doyoung’s genuine behavior and professionalism.

However, Oksoon later clarified that her comments were based on unconfirmed information, admitting that she had not actually been present at the commercial shoot.

In her apology, she expressed regret over her remarks, acknowledging that they caused misunderstandings about the hard work and dedication of everyone involved in the commercial, including the staff, models, and particularly affected the brand, the actors, and their fans.

| @do0_nct/Instagram

Here is Oksoon’s full apology:

Hello, this is Go Cho Hee.

I deeply apologize for sharing unverified information with many people during the live broadcast that took place at midnight on March 15th.

During that live broadcast, I lost my self-control and made the grave mistake of talking about the commercial shoot as if I had witnessed it myself, sharing stories from the set that I hadn’t personally experienced, based on unconfirmed information.

During the preparation and on the set of the commercial shoot, all staff and models are giving their best effort at every moment.

Despite this, my careless remarks have led to unnecessary misunderstandings about their efforts and passion, and I once again deeply apologize for hurting not only the brand representatives but also the models and the fans.

I sincerely hope that no one else suffers harm due to the misinformation.

— Oksoon

| Chosun Biz

It remains to be seen how her apology will be received from everyone involved.




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