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“It Has To Be Me”: NCT’s Mark Wants To Be The Next Spider-Man

He also revealed the origin story of how he began getting compared to Spider-Man.

Since NCIT HOUSE was released, in which NCT‘s Johnny and Jaehyun were suspicious that Mark was Spider-Man, it’s been a common joke in the fandom that Mark might actually be Spider-Man.

Some NCTzens have even compared Mark to current Spider-Man actor Tom Holland. They think Mark’s voice is actually very similar to Spider-Man secret identity Peter Parker’s.

Mark finally transformed into Spider-Man for Halloween in 2021, wearing the suit. His costume even caught the attention of Eric Nam.

Mark has also told NCTzens that he would love to play an Asian version of Spider-Man.

Now, Mark has guested on the latest episode of DIVE Studios‘ podcast Daebak Show w/ Eric Nam. Host Eric Nam mentioned Mark’s many nicknames, and Mark chose his favorite to be “Spider-Man.”

Today, I’m going just say Spider-Man.

— Mark

| DIVE Studios/YouTube

Eric Nam remembered Mark wearing the Spider-Man costume, so he assumed the nickname was due to that. So, Mark explained how fans also have pointed out similarities between him and Spider-Man.

Eric Nam: Oh, is that when you wore a Spider-Man costume?

Mark: Not only that…

Eric Nam: I remember seeing that.

Mark: They kind of correlate me with the actual Spider-Man from the movies, and they say that I have like… I share some similarities. I don’t know. Actually, I do know. I can see why they think that, though. And I’m a fan of the Spider-Man series too.

Eric Nam: Is Spider-Man your favorite superhero?

Mark: Out of the Avengers, yes, I’m going to go with Spider-Man.

So, Eric asked Mark what he would say if Marvel Studios ever called him, looking for a new actor to play Spider-Man. Mark said that if they ever wanted an Asian actor to play the character, it has to be him.

I have said this to my fans once… If they ever need an Asian-looking Spider-Man, it has to be me.

— Mark

Mark then revealed an origin story of how he became known as Spider-Man. It was his fellow NCT member Chenle who first pointed out that Mark has the physical skills of Spider-Man. NCTzens have also noticed that Mark has amazing reflexes.

You know, I was in the park once playing basketball with Chenle, and there were kids and one of their shoes… or was it a ball? It got stuck up on a roof, and I climbed up and got it for him. I didn’t think of it, but Chenle was the one who said, ‘Yo, you kind of look like Spider-Man there for a moment.’

— Mark

We definitely think Mark would make the perfect Spider-Man!

Watch the full episode of Daebak Show w/ Eric Nam below.



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