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ITZY Yuna’s Favorite BLACKPINK Song Shocks Her Members

Her favorite song was different from the one she thought was the best.

ITZY recently sat down for an interview with Vanity Fair to test how well they knew each other. Each member took turns secretly reading a question about themselves while the other girls tried to guess their answers.

ITZY | Vanity Fair/YouTube

They covered many topics, from which artist they would like to collaborate with to where they want to live the most. The members were mainly able to guess the answers correctly, proving their close friendship, but some responses still caught the girls off guard.

One of the questions that surprised them was for Yuna. She was simply asked, “What is my favorite song?

The rest of ITZY immediately thought she would answer BLACKPINK‘s “Pink Venom,” showing how Yuna must be a diehard fan of the group!

Despite their conviction, Yuna surprised everyone by answering another BLACKPINK song, “Stay.” She explained that “Stay” was her favorite song from BLACKPINK, but she thought “Forever Young” was their best song overall.

It’s incredible to hear that, even though she wasn’t restricted to only K-Pop songs, Yuna still named a BLACKPINK song her favorite! She proved that she deserves to be called a BLINK, as part of the official fandom of BLACKPINK.

BLACKPINK in their music video for “Stay” | BLACKPINK/YouTube

Watch the full interview with ITZY below. Yuna answers what her favorite song is at the 6:55 mark.



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