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Jessica Jung Admits Her Current Feelings About Her Departure From Girls’ Generation

Nine years later, she reflects on the “darkest period of [her] life.”

Soloist Jessica Jung recently made her comeback with her fourth mini-album, BEEP BEEP, which was released on November 22.

BEEP BEEP is Jessica’s first EP in six years, and to celebrate her comeback, she appeared on The Daily Ketchup Podcast to discuss her days as a trainee, her time as a member of Girls’ Generation, her solo career, and more.

Jessica Jung | The Daily Ketchup Podcast/YouTube

Jessica debuted with Girls’ Generation in 2007 and remained a member until she informed fans via Weibo on September 29, 2014, that she had been asked to leave the group after being given an ultimatum to choose between her fashion brand, BLANC & ECLARE, or Girls’ Generation. Instead, she wrote that the choice was taken from her when the company informed her she would no longer be a member of the group.

SM Entertainment’s official response to the Weibo post contradicted Jessica’s statement, instead saying that Jessica desired to halt promotions with the group after their next album. The contradicting statements led to mass speculation surrounding the true reason behind her departure and what went on behind the scenes.

Jessica on stage during her recent solo concert | @jessica.syj/Instagram

During her The Daily Ketchup interview, Jessica was asked about her fashion brand, BLANC & ECLARE, which briefly segued into a conversation about her departure from the second-generation group.

Jessica explained that creating the company came naturally, as fashion and music often go hand-in-hand.

I was getting [recognized] for my fashion; for what I wear or for what I carry. I felt like [creating BLANC & ECLARE] would be a very nice side project to do and to pursue.

— Jessica Jung

The Daily Ketchup hosts then asked about Jessica’s public scrutiny during the early days of BLANC & ECLARE following the announcement of her removal from Girls’ Generation.

While the hosts acknowledged that they didn’t want to pry about what truly happened behind the scenes, they were curious how Jessica personally felt during that time, working through the emotions of leaving the group while building her brand.

You know- I try to put the past behind me, and I always try to look at the brighter things, the brighter side. Of course that time was one of the darkest times of my life- one of the darkest periods of my life – but I had my family and friends to really support me, and my fans were always there.

— Jessica Jung

Jessica added that, although it was one of the more difficult times in her life, she had the ongoing support of her family and fans, so she never felt alone.

Looking at the positive side, she shared that it was a transitional period for her, and she felt it gave her the time to mature.

I didn’t feel alone and I felt like it was a good transitioning period and good time for me to grow up.

— Jessica Jung

Check out her full response in the video below:

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