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K-Pop Fans Stunned To Realized That NewJeans’ Hyein Is Younger Than A Still-Active Girl Group

Ever since HYBE Labels‘ newest girl group, NewJeans, debuted, fans have expressed their uncertainty and discomfort about the maknaeHyein‘s, young age.

Hyein (NewJeans) | SBS

Born on April 21, 2008, she turned 14 just a few months ago. And while she’s certainly not the first K-Pop idol to debut at 14 — in fact, there are actually several — the group’s management was met with controversy due to the potentially “suggestive” lyrics of some of their songs (which they recently made a statement about).

Screenshot from NewJeans’ “Cookie” music video

Despite all of this, NewJeans has already been making waves in the K-Pop industry, and the members of the group are undeniably talented, so it’s well-deserved!

NewJeans | ADOR

Recently, though, a post on Reddit made the revelation of just how young Hyein is when compared to other K-Pop groups — specifically, Girls’ Generation.

Girls’ Generation | SM Entertainment

Titled “SNSD‘s existence is longer than NewJeans Hyein’s…”, the post shares the author’s shock to discover that Girls’ Generation debuted nearly a year before Hyein was even born!

Hyein (NewJeans) | SBS

The second-generation girl group debuted on August 5, 2007, which was about 8 months before Hyein’s birthday. And Girls’ Generation did just celebrate their 15th anniversary since debut, while Hyein recently celebrated her 14th birthday!

Hyein (NewJeans) | SBS

People in the comments are sharing their own thoughts on the subject, which range from disbelief and shock to examples of other similar age differences in K-Pop.

How do you feel knowing this information now?



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