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K-Pop Idols Attempt To Recreate Han So Hee’s Sexy Viral Video

Actress Han So Hee recently flew to Paris to attend the Dior S/S Haute Couture show where she gained attention for her gorgeous visuals.

Han So Hee | @xeesoxee/Instagram

She ended up going viral for this iconic moment where she opened a marker with her teeth as she signed autographs for fans.

Leaving fans in awe of her sexy charisma, the viral moment is beginning to catch on as a trend for fans to ask their favorite K-Pop idols to try during fansigns.

Red Velvet‘s Irene was the first idol to be asked to do her rendition of the sexy move…

…but her attempt ended up being much cuter than anticipated!

She couldn’t quite remove the cap with her teeth, but it made for a video showing off her quirky and adorable charms.

Next, fans of aespa began asking their biases to join in on the trend. Most of the members participated and did the move with their own unique flair. Winter was totally cool and nonchalant about it.

Meanwhile, Karina couldn’t help but giggle afterwards!

Maknae NingNing let her cool charisma shine as she held eye contact.

We can’t wait to see more idols participate in this super cute trend!



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