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Korean Netizens React To EXO’s Glaring Absence From SM Entertainment’s Season’s Greeting

“So this is how EXO ends…”

Netizens reacted to EXO‘s glaring absence on SM Entertainment‘s season’s greeting.

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On October 25, an online post titled “EXO Is Missing On 2024 SM’s Season’s Greeting” garnered attention.

In the post, a netizen uploaded all of the SM Entertainment artists participating in the label’s season’s greeting. In a poster, SM Entertainment’s staple artists, such as TVXQ and Girls’ Generation, can be seen, as well as the label’s newer artists such as aespa and RIIZE.


It doesn’t take long to notice the absence of one of the label’s marquee artists, EXO. EXO, which has had a tumultuous few months with the label, recently saw some of its members set up individual labels to promote their solo endeavors.

SM Entertainment Responds To Reports About EXO’s D.O. Leaving The Company

Netizens reacted to the super group’s absence, with many stating they understood why EXO didn’t participate.


  • “To be honest, did you think they’d participate when all the members are making a ruckus and leaving?”
  • “I think they didn’t participate because it was near the time their contract ends.”
  • “Aren’t there members who renewed? Can’t they take a photo with those members?”
  • “To be honest, I think SM did all they could to renew their contracts, lol. ㅠ.”
  • “EXO f@cking never cared for the Season’s Greetings and would always rely on their good looks anyway. I’d get upset buying their greetings ,so it actually turned out for the better.”
  • “I understand since their contract (negotiations) have been such a mess.”
  • “So this is how EXO ends…”
  • “Isn’t it because they haven’t renewed yet? It seems complicated.”
  • “It’s understandable due to the contract (situation).”
  • “This is so understandable since their contract situation is so complicated.”

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