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Korean Netizens React To Infamous NCT Sasaeng’s Inflammatory Post

“Please go to jail…”

Korean netizens reacted to an infamous NCT Sasaeng’s post.

Jaehyun |

On August 22, a post titled “The Shameless NCT Criminal Sasaeng” went viral in Korea. A Sasaeng is a derogative term used to label overly-obsessed fans who stalk idols. Sasaengs are loathed by both international and Korean K-Pop communities for their unrelenting harassment of idols.

Security guards struggle aginst Sasaeng fans | Kookmin Ilbo

In the viral post, a netizen uploaded a tweet from the Sasaeng, who is alleged to have broken into NCT Jaehyun‘s hotel room while the group was on tour in the United States.

Fan Under Fire After Allegedly Breaking Into NCT Jaehyun’s Hotel Room

In her Twitter post, the Sasaeng responded to the resulting backlash she received for her stunt.

Sasaeng’s tweet | theqoo

If you hate me… b*tch [sic] Hate me alone… Dont [sic] be out here tryna [sic] recruit people to hate me w/u

— Sasaeng

Korean netizens condemned the tweet and the Sasaeng for lacking remorse. Many recognized the Sasaeng from a different NCT clip that had previously gone viral, in which she is shown aimlessly following NCT members around.

  • “I was disgusted by her in the NCT clip. I don’t think she’s human. Please go to jail.”
  • “Wow. She hasn’t stopped despite being doxxed.”
  • “She seriously seems like she has nothing better to do.”
  • “They need to ruin everyone involved. Starting from the hotel b@stard. Crazy.”
  • “This is a crime.”
  • “Wow, they are the same people from the (previous) NCT clip. They still haven’t gotten their act together.”
  • “I mean, she’s a stalker. This is a crime…”
  • “She’s literally a crazy b*tch.”
  • “She’s seriously psycho.”

Meanwhile, the Sasaeng has since denied breaking into the room and claimed she had received a key to the idols’ rooms. SM Entertainment has since revealed that they would be requesting authorities launch an investigation into the incident. Read more about it in the link below.

SM Entertainment Requests Police And Legal Investigation After Fan Broke Into NCT Jaehyun’s Hotel Room




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