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Korean Netizens React To YG Entertainment’s Latest Comments On BLACKPINK Lisa’s Contract Negotiations

Netizens have a lot to say about Lisa’s current situation.

Korean netizens reacted to YG Entertainment‘s comments on BLACKPINK Lisa‘s contract status.

Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

On September 15, YG Entertainment responded to rumors swirling around Lisa’s future with the label.

We are still discussing contract renewals with Lisa. The rumors that are going around are nothing that is confirmed.

— YG Entertainment.

The comments come after a September 14 Star News article in which the media site reported rumors stating Lisa had rejected two offers from YG Entertainment.

There is also a rumor stating that Lisa already rejected YG’s first offer and recently rejected a second offer. The size of the contract is rumored to be worth ₩50.0 billion KRW (about $37.7 million USD).

— YG Entertainment

Korean netizens reacted to YG Entertainment’s comments, with many stating that they wished the idol would move on to greener pastures. Man netizens also criticized the label for not making most of Lisa’s talent and popularity.

  • “Seeing how they haven’t signed a new contract despite their existing contract ending, it seems that negotiations aren’t going smoothly.”
  • “All four of the members haven’t signed new contracts? Wow…”
  • “I wouldn’t re-sign either… (YG) wasn’t able to maximize Lisa’s talents. This goes for the other members as well.
    • First, YG never releases albums. They aren’t even close to other labels in this regard.
    • The music and music video quality are falling behind.
    • YG only wants to push their new girl group and their nonchalant attitude is reprehensible .
    • YG isn’t doing anything for Lisa relative to her talent and popularity.
  • “I’m pretty sure we will know by next week.”
  • “I wish she would leave YG even if she stays in BLACKPINK.”
  • “She is talented enough to go solo, and I’m sure she’s getting offers from bigger labels… I’m sure she’ll stay in BLACKPINK even if she doesn’t re-sign.”
  • “I bet there are a lot of labels offering more money than YG. These days, there are many cases in which an idol signs a contract for group promotions only so she may stay in BLACKPINK.”
  • “I feel negotiations aren’t going smoothly. If she was going to re-sign, she would’ve by now.”
  • “But without BLACKPINK, how is YG going to make money?”
  • “Recently, Jisoo and Jennie have appeared in variety shows even if their solo promotions are over, unlike Rosé and Lisa. This might be because they aren’t going to re-sign.”

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