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Legendary Idol Lee Hyori Wants BLACKPINK’s Jennie And NewJeans Not To Wear Revealing Clothes

She talked about it on national television.

Recently, Lee Hyori, the iconic K-Pop diva, made headlines after saying that she was against idols like Jennie of BLACKPINK and NewJeans wearing revealing clothes.

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Lee Hyori | Marie Claire
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BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @CalvinKlein/Twitter
NewJeans | | @newjeans_official/Instagram

On the latest episode of KBS2 music-talk show The Seasons: Lee Hyori’ Red Carpet, the host Lee Hyori welcomed another K-Pop legend Uhm Jung Hwa as one of the special guests. After she performed her signature hit, “Invitation,” the two singers got to talking about the early years of their career when they both were seen as the current equivalent of “it girls.” Among other things, Lee Hyori and Uhm Jung Hwa were both talked about for their bold and sexy image, which was often reflected in their stage outfits.

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Uhm Jung Hwa | KBS2

Recalling her “Come 2 Me” era when Uhm Jung Hwa got a lot of attention for her provocative outfits, Lee Hyori mentioned that for one performance, she stepped onto the stage with super risqué bottoms. Uhm Jung Hwa said that the outfit caused a huge commotion from the moment she got down. Even though it was back in 2006, the bottoms caused such a rage it took over the internet and crashed the servers of several portal sites.

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Uhm Jung Hwa’s outfit that became a hot topic | KBS News

However, none of the comments she received, Uhm said, were positive. Lee Hyori pointed out that she being the first idol to pull such a daring outfit, had to bear the harsh criticism, but it made it much easier for her juniors like Lee herself. “I was grateful that you did it back then,” she said, thanking Uhm.

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Despite the criticism being less harsh for idols wearing revealing outfits these days, Lee Hyori said she still feels like forbidding her junior idols from doing so out of protectiveness.

These days, I like my juniors like Jennie and NewJeans, but I wish they wouldn’t wear such things. If they wear revealing outfits, my heart goes, ‘No, don’t do that. Cover up.’ I want to protect and love them.

— Lee Hyori

As someone who is well aware of the negative consequences for young female idols for wearing revealing clothes, it is admirable the way Lee Hyori feels for her juniors.



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