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LGBTQ+ Pride Flag Allegedly Spotted In TWICE Chaeyoung’s Wall

A rainbow colored pin was spotted on Chaeyoung’s wall.

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung may have given a subtle nod to the LGBTQ+ community in a recent Instagram story that’s gained considerable attention from K-Pop fans. However, the alleged symbol has also caused a debate among fans online.

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The Instagram snap, posted on her Story, featured an image of her bedroom wall — which is adorned with a vibrant mix of photographs, stickers, and other forms of memorabilia. But it was a small rainbow-colored pin on one of the Polaroids that stirred up the conversation among fans.

chaeyoung wall

The pin fans speculate might represent the Pride flag — which typically consists of six colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Each color has its own symbolic meaning in the context of LGBTQ+ pride and diversity. The Pride flag is widely recognized as a symbol of LGBTQ+ identity and support for the community.

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However, some observant followers pointed out that the pin in question appears to lack the color purple, leading to a debate over whether it’s a generic rainbow decoration or, indeed, a Pride flag.

chaeyoung pride pin
The pin ends with blue on one side, instead of purple.

The conversation has extended beyond the pin’s colors to potential signals about Chaeyoung’s own views or identity. In the K-Pop scene, where personal disclosures and social issues are often navigated with caution, such gestures — intentional or not — can lead to wide-ranging fan speculation and interest.

While some fans believe this could be Chaeyoung’s way of subtly expressing solidarity with LGBTQ+ fans, others suggest it might hint at her own identity. However, without explicit confirmation from Chaeyoung or TWICE’s management, these interpretations remain speculative. Whether or not the rainbow pin was meant as a statement, it has certainly sparked a conversation about inclusivity and representation within the fandom as well as in the K-Pop industry.




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