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LGBTQIA+ CARATs Notice SEVENTEEN Hoshi’s Bold Fashion Choice

Yet another reason to stan Hoshi.

SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi has caught CARATs’ attention with his fashion choices for a great cause.

Hoshi | PLEDIS Entertainment

Recently, SEVENTEEN traveled to the Philippines. The group is continuing their 2022 WORLD TOUR ‘BE THE SUN’  with shows in Manila.

Hoshi was spotted wearing a cap, but not just for fashion or to cover up his hair. It actually has great significance.

| Weverse

The cap is from Balenciaga‘s 2022 Pride collection. It features two persons with half skirts, representing “Anybody Is Queer.”  One does not have to be a certain gender to be with another.

| Balenciaga

While the cap costs $495 USD, 15% of sales go towards the LGBTIQ+ human rights non-governmental organization Outright Action International. So, over $74 USD is donated with each purchase.

OutRight Action International is a LGBTIQ human rights non-governmental organization that addresses human rights violations and abuses against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people.

— Wikipedia


LGBTQIA+ CARATs couldn’t be more excited to see Hoshi’s fashion choice. Not only is it a bold statement in a still conservative South Korea, but knowing proceeds directly go to help people, too, makes it even better.

This isn’t the first time Hoshi has worn an item supporting the LGBTQIA+ community. Previously, he wore a shirt that read “They/Them” in the “CHEERS” MV.

Hoshi in “CHEERS” | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

All the SEVENTEEN members have, time and time again, proved themselves to be LGBTQIA+ allies. Read more below.

Here Are 20+ Times When SEVENTEEN Proved Themselves To Be LGBTQIA+ Allies




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