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MONSTA X’s Shownu Reveals He Recently Gained Weight, And Fans Couldn’t Be More In Love

As long as he’s healthy, that’s what matters most!

Since he first debuted with MONSTA XShownu has been known not only for his great performance skills and vocal abilities, but also his impressive physique. He’s tall with broad shoulders and a slim waist, and is basically the blueprint for what the “ideal” body type for a male K-Pop idol is!

Shownu (MONSTA X)

His weight has fluctuated since MONSTA X debuted in 2015, and he lost a concerning amount of weight around the time that Wonho left the group.

Shownu in late 2019 after weight loss

Thankfully he seemed to get back to a healthy weight eventually, and even admitted that he gained “a lot of weight” while he was completing his military service from July 2021 until April of this year.

Shownu in the military

However, he once again ended up losing quite a few pounds after he discharged, sharing that he lost around 7-8kg (or 16-18lbs) for the debut of his sub-unit with fellow MONSTA X member Hyungwon on July 25.

Shownu earlier this year after losing weight


While being at that low weight gives him an incredibly chiseled physique, it did lead to fans being concerned that he had lost too much, and that it likely wasn’t sustainable.


That’s why many were relieved when Shownu shared on October 15 that he had once again gained some weight — 4kg (9lbs) to be exact — and seems to be in a healthier state now.

He’s still incredibly muscular and toned, with the type of figure that many would love to have!



His recent weight journey was the topic of conversation online, where fans shared their support for Shownu’s current physique and how they think he looks better now than when he was thinner.

As long as Shownu is happy and healthy, that’s what really matters the most in the end!

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa




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