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More Leaked Alleged Photos Of BLACKPINK’s Jennie And BTS’s V Has Netizens Theorizing That Someone May Have Hacked Her Cloud Storage

Another set of alleged photos of BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and BTS‘s V has been spread on the internet, again. This time the photos were spread by a user on Twitter under the handle @vvvaugghn, and feature Jennie and V in a variety of places and situations including what appears to be a video call. The other photos alleged leaked photos show what appears to be the two extremely cuddled up together.

Alleged photo of Jennie and V | @vvvaugghn/Twitter

| @vvvaugghn/Twitter

| @vvvaugghn/Twitter

Similar to the previous instances, users cannot find the photos that would have created the images in photoshop, leading many to believe that they are actually real.

What also truly perplexed netizens is that the user also shared an additional shot that looks like a collection of more alleged photos of the two together that have not yet been seen before. This image appears to be similar to the storage found on a computer or in someone’s personal cloud storage.

| @vvvaugghn/Twitter

This specific set of alleged photos has netizens convinced that someone may have hacked Jennie’s photo or personal storage to access these photos. The video call screen is taken from the perspective of the person whose phone it is, supporting this theory.

Most fans have shifted focus from discussing whether they are dating or not to demanding that their respective companies take steps to protect the two artists. Previously, fans defended Jennie from misogynistic comments after a different alleged photo was leaked.

YG Entertainment and HYBE have yet to make a statement about the numerous photos that sparked the dating rumors in the first place.

Yet Another Photo Taken By BLACKPINK’s Jennie Could Be Linked To BTS’s V




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