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NCT 127 Fans Are Sick And Tired Of SM Entertainment Taking Advantage Of The Unit’s Fandom

“The fact that SM stole 127’s TikTok account is wild.”

SM Entertainment is being criticized by NCT 127 fans.

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On June 20, a post titled “NCT 127 Fans Are Pissed Off At SM For Sending This Promo Email” went viral.

In the post, the author reveals that SM Entertainment had sent a promotional email for NCT Dream to international NCT 127 fans.

The author then also posts several other instances in which NCT 127 fans received promotional emails for NCT Dream and SuperM promotions.

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The author of the post then exposes another instance in which SM Entertainment took advantage of nct127 fans.

This isn’t a simple mistake made by the American distribution company. This has happened to 127 before. NCT 127’s Japanese TikTok account was taken over by SM Entertainment and is being used as NCT’s Group Japanese TikTok account. Fans learned of this in March, but 127 fans decided not to expose this and let this go.

— Author

The author of the post further answers why these trespasses are particularly egregious to NCT 127 fans.

What’s wrong with promoting other NCT promotions? NCT 127 is the only unit with an American label. (SM Entertainment) has been using users’ information from the American site to promote other units.

— Author

The author of the post then reveals that despite promoting other unite promotions to NCT 127 fans, the label has yet to send any email for NCT 127 members Taeyong and NCT DoJaeJung‘s albums, respectively.

To top it off, when Taeyong and DoJaeJung released an album, there weren’t any mail or streaming promos.

— Author

NCT DoJaeJung | SM Entertainment
Taeyong | SM Entertainment

Netizens united to express their frustration with SM Entertainment. Many were shocked at the revelation that the label did not promote Taeyong and NCT DoJaeJung’s albums to 127 fans.

  • “I seriously really hate this.”
  • “It really pisses me off that they didn’t promote DoJaeJung and Taeyong.”
  • “It really pisses me off. Hurry up and send 127 to America and Europe, international fans have been waiting for so long.”
  • “The fact that SM stole 127’s TikTok is wild.”
  • “If they had promoted DoJaeJung and Taeyong’s album, then I would have understood, but the label is really messing everything up.”
  • “Finally, when it seemed like NCT Dream would finally find a footing overseas, they have to be criticized because of the label. SM Entertainment seriously sucks.”
  • “NCT Dream has its own account, so I understand fans, but I feel it’s not a big deal.”
  • “I can’t believe they didn’t promote DoJaeJung and Taeyong’s album.”
  • “SM Entertainment offended fans on so many occasions.”
  • “I am shocked that they didn’t promote DoJaeJung and Taeyong.”

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