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NCT 127 Have Arrived In Los Angeles For Their World Tour, But It’s Their Luggage That Is Going Hilariously Viral

“Damn, these guys are not going back.”

The members of NCT 127 have arrived in Los Angeles for the North America leg of their world tour, and fans couldn’t be more excited to see them. But oddly enough, it’s the arrival of their luggage that is going hilariously viral.

NCT 127

The group first announced its world tour back in November of 2021. They kicked it off with a big concert in Seoul in December, and then took it to Japan during the summer of 2022.

NCT 127 on tour in Japan | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

The members also made a legendary performance in Manila, a performance that birthed some iconic viral moments such as Taeil‘s difficulties during the “Love On The Floor” stage and Yuta‘s unexpected “Y/N” moment with an audience member. Now, NCT 127 are ready to perform in front of fans in the US after four years away. They were excitedly welcomed in Los Angeles by NCTzens…

…who called attention to the members’ insane real-life visuals and body proportions.

And, of course, the return of blonde Mark!

But netizens also couldn’t stop laughing at clips of the arrival of the group’s luggage. As the members and their staff began to come out with their suitcases, it seemed like a never-ending parade. There was a whole contingent of staff members, all of them pushing fully stacked trolleys of suitcases.

Even the members themselves took charge of their own fully loaded trolleys—some with a little more difficulties than others.

Seeing as NCT 127 are arriving for a tour, it makes sense that they would bring a lot with them. After all, their concert setlist will include 30 songs, many with completely different wardrobes. But that hasn’t stopped NCTzens from making the funniest comments about the lengthy exit of their luggage. Some speculated that it was all because of the members’ extreme love for badminton…

And others wondered just who all this was for.

In fact, some hilariously joked that NCT 127 had actually brought outfits for NCT Hollywood.

At the very least it looked as if the members were all permanently moving to Los Angeles!

It’s safe to say NCT 127 kept airport staff busy…

…which hopefully means NCTzens can expect plenty of dazzling looks onstage!





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