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NCT 127’s Maknae Haechan Gets Real About How He Really Acts With Leader Taeyong, And He Has The Most Heartwarming Thing To Say

Haechan treats Taeyong differently than other members.

The members of NCT 127 are one big wholesomely supportive family, but NCTzens are feeling particularly soft over the heartwarming thing maknae Haechan had to say about leader Taeyong.

Haechan | @nct127/Instagram

Taeyong | @taeoxo_nct/Instagram

After an incredibly eventful year packed with concerts, promotions, solo projects, and a new album, the members took the opportunity to take a step back and give each other some much-needed encouragement.

NCT 127 | @nct127/Instagram

In a new series of recorded messages (much like the To You video series that the group did when they ended their “Kick It” promotions), each member shared some touching words for the others. Taeyong, for example, expressed his gratefulness to Johnny for having been a reliable friend for 11 years.

Many of the members got unexpectedly real as they expressed their feelings, making NCTzens rather emotional.

And Haechan’s message for Taeyong was particularly heartwarming. As the leader of an experimental group that is much bigger than the average K-Pop group, Taeyong had a lot on his shoulders from day one. In the past, he opened up about the immense pressure he felt after SM Entertainment told him it would be his fault if the group failed.

Luckily, he not only managed to keep the group going, but he has even led them to incredible success. Yet, according to Haechan, the heavy pressure on Taeyong as a leader has affected the way he approaches their relationship.

| SM Entertainment via @fs_sf_fs/Twitter 

As Haechan addressed Taeyong in his special message, he said that because Taeyong often has much to worry about, he does not behave with him the same way he does with the other members. Instead, Haechan chooses to simply follow him without much question, believing this would be the most helpful to Taeyong. And naturally he’s also grateful for everything Taeyong gives to their performances!

But of course, Haechan does not only value Taeyong as a leader. He made sure to express his appreciation for the kind of person Taeyong is, touchingly stating that he has been a big influence in his life.

While Haechan often likes to goof around with his members, fans found it heartwarming to see the way he genuinely expressed his thoughts on Taeyong, which reflect just how much Taeyong does for his members. And how much they love him for it, of course!

| @nct127/Instagram

Watch the full clip of Haechan’s message for Taeyong right here.




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